Glass plays a very important role in the overall performance of the frame.

For this reason, MACIÇA® solutions were designed exclusively to carry double or even triple glazing.

These glasses are composed of two or more glasses and a separating profile that forms an air or gas chamber. The sealing of the chamber is guaranteed by a double barrier made of organic sealants ensuring mechanical stability.

Currently, in situations that are not very demanding, we propose the following configuration:

6 + 14 + 5 – Saint Gobain Glass Planiclear.

In any case, the thickness of the glass must bear in mind, in addition to climatic conditions and exposure to noise, also the size of the frame.

Whenever it is necessary to comply with the sound insulation index of 33 dB defined for mixed zones, the glass thickness must be more generous, and may require the adoption of our Plus series since Standard does not recommend more than 34 mm of total thickness.