The profiles and our series


MACIÇA®, a pioneer company in Portugal in the manufacture of solid wood exterior frames, has been known since the beginning of its activity by presenting the market with excellent products, manufactured from the best raw materials and with high quality components, guaranteeing that we present the best solutions to satisfact of our customers.

Our attitude of innovation, flexibility and orientation towards customer satisfaction, has led over the years to constant evolutions in our products, either through new manufacturing methods or using the best and the most modern components. Our goal is obtaining a final product that, in addition to the natural beauty of wood, offers good levels of thermal and acoustic insulation and a high durability with minimum maintenance needs.

In 2019 we took another step in this constant evolution, totally reformulating our product range with the presentation of three new profiles:

IV69 Standard

IV78 Plus and

IV89 Ultra, available in solid wood and also in aluminum wood.

These new products will allow MACIÇA®, to remain at the forefront of the market, offering products capable of meeting current (and future) comfort requirements while respecting the environment through the use of certified wood of sustainable production and the use of components and accessories of low environmental impact, in addition to strict compliance with all national and community regulations.

Our Manufacturing

  • All solutions from MACIÇA®, are based on wooden structures, solid or laminated.
  • Manufacturing is carried out in a specially equipped factory, using basic equipment with numerical control.
  • All components follow strict selection criteria.
  • The resulting frames are rigorous and stable pieces, fully assembled in the factory, being the application on site a simple activity, which we prefer to carry out, as a way of safeguarding all phases and thus better guaranteeing the final product.
  • Our manufacture generally includes three series:

Standard Series

  • The profile used is 69 mm in thickness.
  • It can be used in all applications and for all types of movement, including swing-stop.
  • Allows the installation of double glazing with a total thickness of up to 34mm.
  • It is our generic series, with robustness and efficiency for practically all circumstances.

Plus Series

  • It is the intermediate series from MACIÇA®, with a 78 mm thick profile.
  • Enables any use and all applications.
  • The box for fixing the glass is generous, allowing double or triple glazing up to a total thickness of 43mm.
  • It is especially suitable for situations of strong exposure to both atmospheric agents and noise.
  • Enables greater isolation. It can be equipped with one or two gaskets.
  • This series is indispensable whenever it is necessary to comply with the sound insulation index of 33 dB defined for mixed zones.
  • In the Standard and Plus series, we apply a metal gutter, coated on the outside with wood, to collect any moisture that permeates the system.
  • In all series, we use seal and stop gaskets and properly tested silicones.