Wood is, by excellence, the material indicated not only for all kinds of coverings, but also to be used in everything regarding the construction of the numerous mobile and loose elements that complete the buildings, such as doors, window frames, windshield, removable partitions, etc.

Thus, in addition to the acoustic properties and thermal insulation it provides, wood, among many aspects, creates comfortable environments like no other material. It has the enormous advantage of offering an infinite variety of products, with different strength, durability, appearance, etc.

Concerning to the frames, it has the great advantage of naturally providing a thermal and acoustic barrier.

We privilege the use of tropical woods, as they have greater durability and resistance and present, after varnishing, a very pleasing appearance, which has deserved the distinction of architects, engineers and all professionals working in the area at the highest level

In addition, these woods are naturally immune.

Iroko / Kambala

Region of origin

Central Africa


Yellow brown to dark brown


Excellent, although subject to oxidisation. It is suitable for both painting and varnishing.

12% density (Kg /m³)


Volumetric shrinkage by 1% humidity


Flexural modulus of elasticity (KN/mm²) E12


Our experience leads us to select the woods that are characterized above, for their stability, behavior when subjected to the manufacturing process, and for the way they support the water-based finishes that we exclusively use.

Our factory has several dryers, controlled by computer, ensuring that the wood we use has the most suitable moisture content.